A piece of history in Marshalltown, Stones Restaurant, will close after this weekend.

Known for their “mile high pie,” Stones is one of the state’s oldest family-owned restaurants. It’s been in the Stone family for nearly 120 years, and Judy Stone says it’s been fun operating the diner for the past 15.

People they haven’t seen in a while have come in to see the couple and share stories about the diner’s history. “It’s been just wonderful. It really has,” she says.

Randy and Judy Stone hope to find a buyer who’ll carry on the Stones tradition. Judy Stone says in a picture-perfect world someone would take over and keep running it just the way it’s been for the last 119 years.

Judy Stone says it’s been a busy week as they are getting ready to prepare their final prime rib Sunday Brunch. She says on Monday, husband Randy will be at his other job at Maytag and she plans to sleep most of the day.