Three men were arrested at a co-op in rural Marshall County after authorities say they were caught stealing anhydrous ammonia, one of the key ingredients for making the illegal drug meth. Grinnell police detective Jeffrey Hughes says the three were caught in the act late Tuesday night.

“They were able to extract a small amount of anhydrous from the tank and then shortly after that were taken into custody for that theft,” Hughes says. Ronald Allen Shook and Steven James Cox, both of Grinnell and both 42-years-old, were arrested along with 47-year-old David William Eilert of Oakland Acres.

Cops caught the trio at the Central Counties Co-Op near Furguson in Marshall County. Detective Hughes says if they’re found guilty, they face “pretty substantial jail time.” The three face a variety of charges, including conspiracy to manufacture meth and possession of meth precursors. Shook, one of the men from Grinnell, also faces a charge for tampering with an anhydrous tank.