A Grinnell teenager is in jail after allegedly going on a joyride in four stolen cars overnight. Grinnell police officer Chris Wray says he arrested 18-year-old Charles Murphy after he noticed Murphy driving suspiciously.

Wray says he stopped Murphy and found that Murphy was driving a car stolen from Newton. Further investigation revealed that Murphy had allegedly stolen a car from the city of Grinnell earlier in the evening and had dumped the vehicle on the south edge of the city.

Officer Wray says he later found out the vehicle stolen from Grinnell was only the start. Wray says after Murphy dumped the Grinnell vehicle, he apparently stole two other vehicles outside the city. Wray says he then dumped those two vehicles and stole the vehicle he was driving when arrested. Wray says Murphy is facing charges in Grinnell, Newton and Poweshiek County.