Senator Tom Harkin says Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman’s loss this past Tuesday in a Democratic primary was an indictment of President Bush. Lieberman, the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2000, was repeatedly criticized by primary victor Ned Lamont for backing Bush’s prosecution of the war in Iraq.

“From the way the election went and stuff, I think this was more of a comment on George Bush than on Joe Lieberman,” Harkin says. Harkin cites reports indicating that in the final days of the campaign as many as 30-thousand Independent voters in Connecticut switched their voter registration so they could vote in the Democratic primary.

“I think this bodes well for Democrats,” Harkin says. “I think it means that people in this country want a new direction.” Harkin campaigned with Lieberman back in 2000 when Lieberman was the party’s vice presidential candidate and Harkin had endorsed Lieberman’s bid for reelection as Democrat. But Harkin’s not endorsing Lieberman’s new run as an Independent.

“I was supportive of Joe. He’s a good friend of mine but quite frankly I support the Democratic process. Democrats spoke and I will support their nominee, Ned Lamont,” Harkin says. Harkin made his comments during an appearance in Webster City.