A Winterset couple accused of locking their 10-year-old stepdaughter in a room without furniture, food or light, have agreed to a plea bargain. The Attorney General prosecuted and says Jon Neely and his wife, Kimberly Holtmyer each pled guilty to three misdemeanor counts of child endangerment and a felony kidnapping charge was dropped.

A news release from the A-G’s office says prosecutors agreed to the plea after the girl, who is now 11, returned to the U.S., but it was found she would not be able to testify in court. A tape of the girl’s previous testimony would not be allowed in court.

Neely and Holtmyer were arrested February 18, 2005 after the child was found alone and locked in a room. Police says the room had just one window, covered with aluminum foil to keep out the light, and almost all furniture and clothing had been removed from the room, and the girl weighed just 59 pounds.

The child’s mother, Melanie Neely, lives in Germany and the girl was returned to her in July 2005. The Attorney General is recommending Neely and Holtmyer be sentenced to four years in prison each. Sentencing was set for October 16.