The process for landowners to get a free or reduced price deer or turkey license is changing. Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist, Scott Roberts, says they’ll now require landowners to prove they’re eligible.

Roberts says the whole point of the program is to make sure that only those who legitimately qualify get the landowner/tenant licenses, so everyone will have to register before getting the license. Roberts says they have two ways to register.

Roberts says the best way to register is probably via the internet. He says you can register by mail, but it will take 10 business days to process the mail registrations. Roberts says you can get a license immediately after registering via the internet.

Robert says the landowner hunters make up a large number of the licenses given out.
He says last year they had over 90-thousand landowner licenses — which equates to 50 to 60-thousand landowners. Roberts says the new process will clear up any confusion over who is eligible for the landowner/tenant licenses.

The D-N-R has mailed out information to past landowner/tenant license holders. If you’d like to find out more, check out the D-N-R’s website at: