Four suspects are now in custody in the Quad Cities after the fatal shooting of a Davenport woman outside her grandmother’s Davenport home on August 19th. Several assailants fired multiple shots from a van, then sped away.

The suspects are from the Illinois Quad Cities and Scott County Attorney Bill Davis says he was concerned there would be retaliation, though flaring tempers have apparently cooled. Davis says “It wasn’t just good police work that diffused it, it was the leaders of the community, primarily church leaders, both the Rock Island, Illinois, and Davenport, Iowa, area that have in effect diffused this particular problem. I hope that it stays diffused until we get the prosecutions complete.”

Nineteen-year-old Vincelina Howard was shot to death at the family gathering. Witnesses say a van pulled up, words were exchanged between people in the yard and van, shots were fired by several men out the sliding door of the van, then the vehicle sped off.

Davis says the motive is still uncertain, though “retaliation” has been mentioned after another shooting in Rock Island. Davis says “To date, we don’t know the source of the original problem as to what anyone was retaliating for or against.” All four suspects are from Rock Island. Twenty-year-old Don White and 14-year-old Rasheem Bogan were arrested Sunday while 20-year-old Ron Millbrook and 18-year-old Terrel Lobley were arrested last week. They’re being held on one-million dollars bond.