The teenage son of a prominent Des Moines lawyer who went missing late Monday afternoon has been found injured, but alive. Sixteen-year-old Matt Thompson is the son of Stan Thompson, who ran against Congressman Leonard Boswell in 2002 and 2004.

Matt’s family reported him missing Monday night. He was found just before noon today (Wednesday) in a wooded area, in Des Moines, near the Raccoon River.
Des Moines Police Sergeant Todd Dykstra says the family organized a search party to look for him in Greenwood Park, which is near the family’s home.

Two people broke off from the main group and ventured into nearby Water Works Park. “Because of that they were able to hear Matt yelling for help and they did find him, however he did have a pretty severely broken leg,” Dykstra says. “But he was alert and talkative…they were able to get emergency personnel back there, along with his parents, and were able to bring him out and take him to a hospital.”

The teenager’s mother saw him at about five o’clock Monday night before she left the family home to take two other children to football practice. When she returned, Matt was gone. Dykstra says police haven’t visited with the young man to find out why he ventured into the woods. Dykstra has visited with the teen’s parents. “You know, the family’s just overwhelmed with joy,” Dykstra says. “There’s just a sense of relief. You can see it in their eyes.”

The teenager’s grandfather, Wayne Hoffman, is a minister in the Des Moines area.