Work continues on the rural Tama County home that’s being built as part of the ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition TV show. The home in Lincoln, Iowa is being built for the Kibe family, which lost their home in a fire last year. Rachael Flint of Hubbell Homes says they got the trusses up and were working on the exterior.

Flint says the project is close to being on schedule, but it’s highly fluid. She says, “This project changes not just hour-by-hour, but every 15 minutes, things change. We could be ahead an hour in 15 fifteen minutes, and we could be behind an hour in the next 15 minutes. It really changes very fast.” British designer Ed Saunders is working on the family’s barn, but isn’t giving out many details.

Saunders says, “For me building wise, I’m trying to get the inside of that barn looking how it should look for the thing that I’m doing inside it, then I’ve got to move to the second floor. And the only hint I’ll give you is that the second floor of that barn will be all about having fun, and I can’t tell you anymore, so stop asking me about it alright?” They’re seeking to get the whole project finished in one week and Saunders says that leads to a simple schedule.

He says it goes likes this, ”Work-work-eat-work-do a bit of camera-work-some more camera-eat-work-do some more camera-work-work, eat-work, do a bit camera, work, some more camera, eat.” The program is expected to air on ABC late in October or early November, check your local listings.