The outgoing Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court sat in a chair nearby as the woman chosen to replace him met with the media for the first time Monday. Justice Marsha Ternus said it was not difficult talking about taking over the top spot on the court with Chief Justice Louis Lavorato in the room — as she says they’re great friends.

Lavorato agreed — saying he got to know Ternus when she joined the court in 1993. The outgoing Chief Justice says he’s pleased with the choice as his successor.
Lavarto says he considers Ternus to be a “brilliant jurist. She has excellent analytical ability, research ability, writing ability, communications skills.” Lavorato says Ternus also knows how to handle all the administrative functions of the court as well.

Lavorato cites an example of the trust he has in Ternus. Lavorato says he chose Ternus to go to Minneapolis on a child welfare initiative for the court — saying it was one of the most important things the court had to do. Lavorato retires on September 29th.