A Shelby County teen has entered a plea in connection with a shooting near Harlan this spring.

Nineteen-year-old Jorge Horacio Lopez Hansen, of Kirkman, entered his plea of guilty Monday in District Court held in Harlan. Hansen was charged in the April 23rd shooting death of 23-year-old Francisco Ruben Barrocal of Audubon. Berrocal suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head early that Sunday morning in the town of Jacksonville, which is near Harlan. A preliminary investigation indicated the shooting may have been accidental, but a more thorough investigation revealed Hansen had pointed a shotgun at Berrocal and pulled the trigger.

In addition to the involuntary manslaughter charge, Hansen has pleaded guilty to intimidation with a dangerous weapon. He’ll be sentenced October 30th. Each count is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $7500 fine.