The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has approved an overtime pay increase of sorts for jurors. Court spokesperson Rebecca Colton says the 10-dollar-a-day fee paid jurors will jump up to 50-dollars-a-day for cases that go over seven days.

Colton says the increase applies to all jurors serving in cases in state courts in Iowa. Colton this should help those who end up hearing the evidence in trials that go more than a week. Colton says,”A lot of people view jury service as an inconvenience and a burden, because it takes them away from their jobs and their family responsibilities. So, the court is trying to make it a little less burdensome and compensate people. Particularly for those long trials that might interfere with the job.”

Colton says the increase likely won’t add a lot more expense to the court system. She says not a lot of trials exceed seven days — as they estimate maybe 20 trials may go beyond seven days. Colton says jurors are also paid expenses. Colton says they do reimburse jurors for mileage or transportation costs to the courthouse, parking, and meals. Colton says the change is effective immediately.