An alert from an agency that helps Iowa families, as someone apparently is trying to impersonate its workers. Department of Human Services spokesman Roger Munns says the D-H-S Sioux City office got calls from people apparently targeted for the scam.
They got calls from someone claiming to be a DHS official, offering them Medicaid coverage, for a small fee. Munns says there’s one problem with that — Medicaid isn’t for sale.

Another fishy detail about the phone calls made the recipients wary. The callers asked recipients for personal financial information — their checking-account numbers. He says the intended victims didn’t give up that information and were wise to call the agency and check on the attempts to get their bank data.

Still, if two contacted the agency, Munns pointed out there may be more. He says the problem is some people may have fallen for the scam and may be too embarrassed to report it. Those people should go ahead and call police and also contact their banks to make sure nobody’s making unauthorized withdrawals of their money. He says the Department of Human Services never goes out looking for business and Medicaid is a federal program that is not for sale.