A company that gathers statistics on half a dozen major crimes publishes an annual report ranking the safest cities to live in. While we don’t make the top of the list for safest places to live, we also don’t show up on the most dangerous end of the scale.

Cedar Rapids is the 93rd safest, Sioux City is number 148 on the list, and Des Moines’ 195 in the rankings of safest cities, out of nearly 400 ranked by the publisher.

There are also rankings of metropolitan areas, which show Cedar Rapids 35th, Ames 39th in the rankings, Dubuque number 55, Waterloo 84th and the Sioux City metro area 89th. Morgan Quitno publishing, based in Lawrence, Kansas, totaled cases of six major crime categories to assemble the report — murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor-vehicle theft, and compared them with crimes per capita, in cities of 75-thousand people or more.