The Cedar Falls Civil Service Commission has upheld the firings of three of the four fired Cedar Falls police officers. They were terminated in September for misusing their annual clothing allowance and not reimbursing the city.

Tim Luce , an attorney for the fired officers, says there’s still an option. Luce says “There’s an appeal procedure for the officers that were terminated and it’s a 30-day notice that has to go to the district court and those decisions are being made right now by the officers if they want to pursue that and I would assume, as of now, that they probably are going to do that.”

Luce says some items of evidence weren’t allowed to be used in the officers’ defense. He says some things can be allowed in district court that aren’t allowed to be used before the Civil Service Commission because of the panel’s rules. Officers Holly Pohl, Josh Atteberry, Joel Oltrogge and Brad Brown were dismissed by Cedar Falls Police Chief Rick Ahlstrom on September 13th.

The three-member commission made its ruling Monday afternoon in a brief hearing at Cedar Falls City Hall. Pohl, Atteberry, and Oltrogge’s firings were upheld by the commission; Brown was given two-days suspension and was ordered to pay back nearly 344-dollars to the city for boots and shoes not authorized under city policy. Brown will also receive back-pay from the firing.