Iowa Coach Steve Alford says he looks forward to their only exhibition game Friday against Buena Vista. Alford says they will probably do a lot of substituting, and will try to figure out their rotation for the upcoming game with The Citadel. Alford says they normally would do more subbing, but with only one exhibition game, they have to change their plans.

Alford says he has a lot of goals for the game. He says he wants to see how his team reacts to the things B.V. throws at them. Alford says B.V. has been a very successful program in the last five years. The Hawkeyes lost experienced point guard Jeff Horner to graduation, and Alford says that does impact the things he wants to do as a coach.

Alford says Horner grabbed the ball his freshman year and had it in his hands until he graduated. Alford says Horner was counted on to make big plays, and losing a player like that does set you back a step. Alford says the loss of other experienced players leaves the team looking for new leaders.

Alford says the team last year knew their identity, they had Big Ten experience and knew what they were doing. Alford says the month of November is going to be about learning and getting experience.

Alford said today he’ changed the plans for the suspension of players Mike Henderson and Tyler Smith. Henderson had been suspended for two games, and Smith one after they pleaded guilty of fifth-degree theft in September. Henderson, a senior, broke a finger last week and Alford says the time off for the injury will superseded the suspension and Henderson will be able to return when he is healthy. Smith, a freshman from Pulaski, Tennessee will miss Friday’s exhibition against Buena Vista, and will make his against the Citadel.