A lawsuit filed by Iowa and 14 other states against the Department of Energy over energy efficiency standards for appliances has been settled. Iowa Attorney General spokesman, Bob Brammer, says the states filed suit to get the standards upgraded.

Brammer says there are standards for many appliances, but the D-O-E is way behind on updated in the standards. Brammer says the states filed suit after getting no response from federal officials. Brammer says now that the lawsuit is settled, they’ll undertake a steady update of several different products. Brammer says many of the upgrades will start next year and the whole process will extend over several years.

He says many types of heaters and boilers will have their standards upgraded next year, and then over the next four years, other appliances from dishwashers to air conditioners will be updated by 2011. Brammer says they believe the updated energy efficiency standards will benefit consumers.

Brammer says it will save money for consumers with higher efficiency furnaces, motors and washers and will also reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil. Brammer says it will also reduce the impact on the environment. To find out more, surf to:www.IowaAttorneyGeneral.org.

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