Employees of a Des Moines company are trying to deal with the plane crash that left four of their co-workers and the pilot dead Monday. The four employees of Two Rivers Marketing were on a business trip in Indiana when their plane went down in heavy fog, wind and rain.

Two Rivers spokesperson Jennifer Oredson says the company’s founder was one of those who died. She says 41-year-old Tom Dunphy of Clive started the company with 14 employees back in 2000 and grew the company to 60 employees. Oredson says Dunphy was a native of Creston, had a wife and three sons and was active in Special Olympics Iowa. She says Dunphy was also involved in many other philanthropic ventures.

The other employees who died in the crash were: 31-year-old Eric Jacobs of Ankeny. Jacobs was the company’s Information technology leader over the web designers and computer programmers. His hometown is Waterloo, Iowa and he’s survived by four sons and his wife.; Twenty-seven-year-old Leslie O?Bannon lived in Des Moines and was originally from Pella. O’Bannon was an account executive with a husband and daughter.; Twenty-three year old Josh Trainor of Des Moines started as an intern and was an information technology specialist. Trainor was originally from Sumner. Oredson says it has been a tough time.

Oredson says with only 60 employees they are like a family and as close knit as you can get. She says they’re bonding together as she never would have expected after the crash. Oredson says these type of business trips were common for the company — but she says this type of flight was not. Oredson says she believes this was the first time the company had chartered a flight and were planning on another charter later this week.

Oredson says they have clients in surrounding states and normally fly commercial to meetings or drive. Oredson says the employees have been talking since learning of the crash and believe they’ll move the company ahead. Oredson says there’s nothing the Dunphy would want more than for them to move the company forward, “But in the meantime that is going to be hard.” Oredson says that’s something they’ll have to figure out how to do as they move forward.

The pilot was 45-year-old John Mitchell Trewet an attorney from Atlantic. Investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened to the plane.