An historic hotel in the town of Perry that was revived in 1997 will close down at the end of this year. Andy Olsen, a spokesman for the ownership group of the Hotel Pattee, says the hotel had failed to make money since it was reopened. Olsen says he can’t quantify the loses, but says they have been “significant, year over year loses.”

Olsen says the last quests will check out of the hotel at the end of next month. He says it’s scheduled to be a complete closing of the hotel and restaurant on December 30th. Roberta Ahmanson, a Perry native, and her husband Howard spent some 10-million dollars to renovate the hotel. Olsen says the owners haven’t tried to sell the hotel.

Olsen says they haven’t put the hotel on the market, although he says there have been some potential buyers contact the owners since the closing announcement. Each of the 40 rooms at the 93-year-old hotel have various themes and it is known as an upscale destination location.

Olsen says the upscale nature was one of the things that made it difficult to keep open, but Olsen says a combination of things worked against the hotel. He says it’s a small hotel in a small town, it’s uniquely located and he says it’s very expensive to operate. Olsen says the town of Perry had embraced the hotel and took pride of ownership in it — which he says makes it even tougher for the owners to close the hotel.