A report from the state racing and gaming commission this week shows the casinos in western Iowa brought in 36-percent of total gaming revenues in the state last month. Harrah’s, Ameristar and the Horseshoe Casino — which a year ago hadn’t yet been remodeled and ernamed from Bluffs Run — took in 38-point-8-million dollars in October. The Riverside Casino and Golf Resort just opened the end of August, and in September reported revenues of seven-point-four-million dollars.

New figures on the October revenue show it dropped to 6-point-four-million, but the spokeswoman says it’s far too early to make a pattern of the cash-flow just yet. They’re still trying to “figure out what the trend-lines will be,” she says. Winter months tend to be slower for casinos, not just in Iowa, but everywhere. The Riverside Casino’s located in Washington County about fifteen miles south of Iowa City.

Overall in October, gamblers spent 106-point-five-Million dollars at state casinos and the state collected about 22-Million for its share of the take.

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