Gift bags handed to celebrities at West Coast awards shows are notorious for being loaded with all sorts of bling — from watches to diamonds to electronic gadgets. At next month’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, an Iowa-based product will be included in the bags. Peggy Stover is spokeswoman for Beanpod Candles, which donated 100 soy-based candles for the event. Stover says she had media contacts from her previous jobs as marketing director for Kraft Foods, Coors Brewing Company and Johnson Wax, “so it was just a matter of dusting off the Rolodex and giving everybody a jingle.” She says the New Hampton-based company is contributing 16-ounce jars of one of its most popular candles, Earthly Embrace, along with Gardenia Soy Beads for stress relief. Stover says the candles will go to all VIPs including the presenters, musicians and celebrities backstage and media. Founded in 2001, she says Soy Basics, the parent of Beanpod Candles, has revolutionized the soy candle industry with patent-pending innovations, making them the nation’s only manufacturer of 100-percent stabilized soy wax candles. Stover says they hope to educate people about the benefits of soy wax — it’s clean burning, it’s a renewable energy source and is a better alternative to traditional paraffin petroleum candles. The Billboard awards show is December 4th in Las Vegas.

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