The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says you can give a gift that keeps on giving by getting someone natural resource license plates. Ross Harrison of the D-N-R says there are three different plate designs to choose from. Harrison says the plates include the goldfinch on a wild rose, a pheasant or a bald eagle.

Proceeds from the plates fund a couple of different programs, including the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) program, which distributes money to cities, counties and state efforts for parks, habitat, water quality and historic preservation.

The wildlife diversity program also gets funds from the plates to help a variety of wildlife. Harrison says they help the non-game species, like chickadees, that people don’t hunt for in the state. Harrison says it’s easy to get the plates.

Harrison says you can get the new plates at your treasurer’s office and it costs 45 dollars for the initial plate. Each year the renewal is 25 dollars. For more information about Iowa?s natural resource plates and the programs they support, visit