Some 20-thousand Iowans are expected to visit south Texas for Saturday’s Alamo Bowl featuring the University of Iowa football team. Dee Dee Poteete, spokeswoman for the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, says one must-see is called the River Walk, a shopping district that winds along the San Antonio River.

Poteete says there are 122-thousand twinkling holiday lights illuminating the walk, barges, trees, restaurants and various shops. She says the old fortress, the Alamo, is San Antonio’s most-visited landmark and Iowans should make it a point to learn about its history. Poteete says another vital stop is a matter of feet away.

The Alamo Visitor Information Center is directly across from the Alamo and offers free maps, a host of brochures, a calendar of events and tips for travelers. If you like tacos, salsa and other Mexican cuisine, Poteete says visiting Iowans won’t be able to shake a foam black-and-yellow finger without pointing at a tasty eatery. She says the city has more than 300 Tex-Mex restaurants and the only ice is in the margaritas. San Antonio’s expecting high temperatures through the weekend in the upper 60s.