More and more communities are putting together New Year’s Eve programs designed to give people an alternative to the traditional celebrations.

Ames is the latest to get involved with what’s being called “Oh, What a Night.” Lynn Bolin, the spokesperson for the event, says they’re trying to promote an alternative to the traditional New Year’s Eve that promote “a lot of negative things.”

She says it allows families to be out and about and have fun. Bolin says they’re stressing community involvement, hoping that some of the older residents will come out too.

Bolin says they’ve structured the day to let people set their own schedule. There are staggered start times beginning at 1 p.m., so people can plan out what they’d like to do. You can go to to find a schedule. Bolin says they’re selling buttons that allow you in to a number of events for $10 or you can buy a family pass for $35.

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