The worst of Iowa’s first statewide snowstorm of the season is over, with a few flurries still flying. Parts of the state had up to nine inches of snow during the holiday weekend, but most Iowans have about half that to shovel out of their driveways.

Mark Russell, meteorologist at the National Weather Service says the heaviest snow is in north-central and northwest Iowa with seven inches in Sioux City, while much of the state’s northern half had four to five inches. He says the snowstorm is leaving very cold temperatures in its wake along with the potential for dangerous wind chill levels. He says winds this afternoon will pick up and produce very cold wind chills with indices down around 20 or 25-below zero.

Russell says once the snow tapers off today, that should be it, at least for several days. Russell says there’s a slight chance of more snow Thursday night or Friday morning but little accumulation is expected, if any.