The Iowa Hawkeye women are 3-3 in the Big Ten, with all their wins coming on the road and all the losses have been at home. Nineteenth ranked Michigan State broke the game wide open with a 21-8 run in the second half as they clobbered the Hawkeyes 83-63 in Iowa City.

Lisa Bluder apologized to those who came to the game and watched it on TV., saying it was a disastrous performance. Bluder said she thought those types of games were behind them after having those type of problems early on.


Iowa is 11-8 overall and won’t have to wait long to try and get revenge. Their next game is at Michigan State next weekend. Bluder says she doesn’t know if it’s good to go right back and play them again. She says they have a bye week to think it over and that might not be a good thing for the confidence of the team.