We’re now halfway through January and some people who made a resolution to quit smoking may find they haven’t accomplished the task yet. But, the coordinator of the state’s Quitline, Esther Baker, says it’s not unusual to fail a few times. Baker says the research indicates it may take people an average of seven attempts before they can put down the cigarettes for good. Baker says it’s a "very powerful addiction." Baker says there are cases in the other extreme too.

Baker says some people can quit smoking "Cold Turkey," but she says most people need some type of other support and help. Baker says the ability to stop is a different as the people who smoke in the first place.

She says there’s no "one size fits all plan" that will work for everyone. Baker says "Quitline" is a free service available to anyone in Iowa.

Baker says when you call in, they talk to you about your smoking history, what worked, what didn’t work. Triggers that get you smoking, and other history, so they can put together a smoking cessation plan. They also help people stop using smokeless tobacco. Baker says they tailor the plan to a person’s individual needs and resources. Baker says there are a lot of reasons to use a motivators to stop smoking.

Baker says stopping can improve the quality of your life. And she says smoking is an expensive habit that costs several thousand dollars a year. For more information on tobacco cessation call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) or visit http://quitlineiowa.org