Kansas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback says once Iowa Republicans learn about his record, he’ll vault ahead of better-known GOP candidates like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. "I’ve been in this kind of a race before — not known but where the policy positions that I articulate are more consistent with where the base of the party is," Brownback says. "…The Republican Party in this state’s a pro-life party."

Brownback says Iowa conservatives will not vote for a candidate like Giuliani who support civil unions for gay couples and has a "pro-choice" record. "I think once a proper voter contact is made, where it’s not just on name I.D., but it’s ‘Where do you stand on the issues?’ I’m going to do very well," Brownback says.

On the war, Brownback told reporters in Cedar Rapids that he will support a U.S. Senate resolution opposing President Bush’s proposed troop surge in Iraq.