The state’s top law enforcement agencies are in the process of moving offices from one Des Moines building to another. Iowa Department of Public Safety spokesman Jim Saunders says the move includes the Iowa State Patrol, DCI, State Fire Marshal and the Division of Narcotics Enforcement.

Saunders says they started and hope to have all the divisions move by the first week of May. Saunders says moving some of the files involves more than loading the in a box and throwing the into a truck. Saunders says there are a lot of different confidential records, such as people’s criminal history information and investigative reports. He says the records require security.

Saunders says any record that required confidentiality got special attention. Saunders says DPS personnel escorted the files from the Wallace Building to the new building until they could be placed in a secure area. Saunders says all the agencies have been able to make the move, while still operating, thanks to some good planning.

Saunders says all the technology had to be moved too, and he says they created a mirror of the servers so the electronics used to communicate with the public would not be interrupted. DPS is moving from the Wallace Building southwest of the capitol to another renovated building a few blocks away.