The board that governs the three state universities talked briefly about campus security today during its meeting in Iowa City. Board of Regents president, Michael Gartner, brought up the issue after first asking the members to observe a moment of silence for the 32 victims of the shootings at Virginia Tech University.

Gartner says the governor has asked the Board of Regents and the universities “for a full review of all security and safety and other related issues on the campuses. Gartner says the presidents of the universities and their administrations are “working hard on that.” Gartner told the board the governor did not attend the meeting because he was ill.

State senators discussed arming campus police officers in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, but narrowly failed to get enough votes to move ahead. Governor Culver then asked the Regents to review the issue, which Gartner says they’re now doing. Gartner says, “It’s an extremely involved issue, and we want to make sure that ultimately when we do make decisions, it’s based on all the facts.”

Gartner says the board will work closely with officials at Iowa State, Iowa and UNI, on the issue. Gartner says he talked Monday to the Lieutenant Governor Sally Pederson, who is in charge of homeland security for the state, and will meet with her again to discuss the issue. The security review is expected to be completed by June 30th.

Gartner says the regents will report back and deal with the issue once they have all the facts and information. Campus police at the three state schools are sworn law officers, but are restricted from using firearms. Officers are allowed to carry tasers.