A southwest Iowa native has co-authored a book about leadership and the U.S. Marine Corps. Sergeant Major Brad Kasal, of Afton, wrote "My Men Are My Heroes" after serving in Iraq, where he was wounded in 2004. Kasal later received the Navy Cross, the Marine Corps’ second-highest honor. Kasal says being a Marine shaped his life in a variety of ways and he wants to inspire others with the book.

Kasal says, "One is to keep the legacies of the Corps alive in today’s generation. The second reason is to tell the stories of all the Marines and what they’re doing overseas. And the third reason is to talk about managing your recovery, hoping that someone who faces adversity can read it and get some inspiration and help them overcome an injury or some kind of adversity in their own life."

His own recovery from the leg injury took 18 months. Kasal says Marines are willing to risk their lives each other. He hopes the book will be widely read by everyone, not just Marines. He says, "I hope the book can be used as a tool for all Marines, all service members and everyone, no matter what your job is, to be able to see and learn about leadership, camaraderie and all the heroic actions the Marines are doing overseas." Kasal co-wrote the book with Nat Helms, who has covered military issues for "Soldier of Fortune" magazine and The Defense Watch, an on-line newsletter.

"My Men Are My Heroes" is available at Borders, Barnes & Noble and at Amazon-dot-com .