Two former assistant managers for the Iowa-based Casey’s General Stores have filed a wage and overtime lawsuit against the convenience store chain — and others are expected to join. Scott Peters of Council Bluffs is one of the lawyers representing the former employees.

Peters says the suit alleges that Casey’s required their employees to work hours for which they were not going to get paid. And those employees who complained, got fired. He says the employees who had to have a job, mostly women, put up with it and worked without getting paid.

Kristina Jones, who worked at several Casey’s in Des Moines and Kim Marrs, who worked at two Casey’s in Missouri, are the two lead employees in the case. Casey’s has about 1,500 employees in nine states, and Peters says he’s personally talked to two to three dozen employees and, "Their stories are just shockingly, frightening really, identical."

Peter says Casey’s required the assistant managers to work without overtime to keep the stores running. He says it seems to be consistent throughout all of Casey’s territory. Peters says they’re asking Casey’s to correct the situation. "We want to get these women paid for the time they worked for free," Peters says.

Casey’s website says they have 14,063 stores in their nine Midwestern states. A spokesperson for Casey’s said they have not yet been served, and therefore cannot comment on the suit.