Bicyclists are being reminded about the dangers of riding on highways in Iowa. On Tuesday morning, two bicyclists were seriously injured when they were hit by an SUV in Dallas County.

David Hoss works at Barr Bike and Fitness in Des Moines and says the most important piece of safety equipment is a helmet.  He says cyclists should get a helmet that’s comfortable, otherwise it might not be worn. One popular device to warn other bicyclists and pedestrians that a bike is approaching is a bell. "Instead of yelling ‘on your left’ or something, you can give them a ring," Hoss says.

A lot of bicycle crashes occur at night. "Headlights are important," Hoss says, "it’s state law that you have to have a headlight on your bike if you’re riding at night."

Hoss says Iowa bicyclists are lucky to have so many trails to choose from, but still deserve room on the open road. "The law says we’re here to share the roads," Hoss says, "we have the same laws as the motorists and motorists need to be attentative to that as well." The Iowa DOT says five bicyclists were killed and 422 injured last year in the state when the bicycle they were riding was hit by a vehicle.