An organization that works to protect the lives of Iowa children is trying to build support for a change in the state’s seat belt law. Lisa Roth, co-coordinator of the Iowa Safe Kids Coalition, is hoping that Iowa will require kids between the ages of 11 and 17 to wear selts belts when they’re in the back seat of a vehicle.

Roth says not wearing a seat belt is dangerous, no matter where you are in a vehilce. "I think what people don’t realize is if you are unbelted in the back seat, your chances of being thrown from the vehicle in a crash is about four times greater," Roth says, "and back seat occupants can also come forward and injure the front seat, belted occupants."

The Safe Kids Coalition was unsuccessful in getting the law passed by state legislators this year, but Roth says they’ll try again next session. She says lawmakers are generally supportive of the measure, but she’s hoping Iowans will contact their legislators and encourage them to get the bill passed. More information about the Iowa Safe Kids Coalition is available at .