Iowa Senator Tom Harkin says he won’t give up after President Bush vetoed a stem-cell research bill for the second time. Harkin, a Democrat, has been one of the leading supporters of the bill, and says he’s trying "every way I can to try and reach a compromise with the President."

Harkin says they made changes to the bill based on the president’s comments after vetoing the bill the first time, but he says the president won’t compromise. Harkin says they will now try and work with the guidelines the president has set for stem-cell research.

"All we are going to do is update his policy, we’re going to put in the ethical guidelines," Harkin says,..I guarantee it’s not a perfect solution, but it’ll advance the science until we get a president who will obviously take the shackles off of our scientists." Harkin says more stem-cell research is important in trying to find cures for many diseases such as diabetes.