New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson says the recent energy bill crafted by the U.S. Senate doesn’t go far enough. The Senate voted to require that cars get at least 35-miles-per-gallon by 2020, but Richardson, a former U.S. Energy Secretary who is running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, says the fuel efficiency standard should have been set at 50 miles per gallon.

“I would have this plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil which is presently at 65 percent imported oil to 10 (percent) within 10 years,” Richardson says. “It would be a massive shift from petroleum products, fossil fuels to renewable technology.”

Richardson also says the Supreme Court decision loosening restrictions on campaign ads broadcast close to election time is a step backwards in the political process. Richardson says Monday’s ruling signals the need for a system overhaul.

“It shows that there’s too much money in politics and we have to have public financing,” Richardson says. “I spend half my time raising money. I should be talking about issues, meeting voters.” Richardson made his comments during a campaign stop in Iowa City on Tuesday.

Richardson recently signed a bill into law in his home state which allows statewide judicial candidates in New Mexico to sign up for public, taxpayer financing for their campaigns.