All sorts of airplanes, from decades-old bi-planes to modern fighter jets, are on display in central Iowa today, marking the 75th anniversary of Des Moines International Airport. Spokesman Roy Criss says dozens of vintage and historic aircraft will be lined up alongside sleek new turbojets.

Criss says the south cargo area will be covered with antique, military and modern aircraft, including the very first airplane that ever landed at Des Moines International in 1932 — a fully restored Waco bi-plane. He says the day’s events are -not- considered an air show, but there’ll be plenty of air traffic to watch.

Criss says the FAA won’t allow the airport to be shut down for a full airshow but the Iowa Air National Guard F-16s, based at the airport, are having an active training weekend, so they’ll be doing fly-bys, formation flying, touch and goes and more. He says the open house runs from 9 AM to 5 P.M. today only.

Criss calls the weekend the crowning jewel of the airport’s celebration for the year. It’s a “Fly Iowa” event which aims to educate the community and to promote the importance of aviation. For more details, visit “”.