A man who escaped from two bail bondsman Monday afternoon in western Iowa was captured hours later. According to officials, 29-year-old Amir Saad escaped from bondsmen who were transporting him from Utah to Ohio, while the trio stopped at a convenience store in Minden.

When the men walked into the store at around four p.m., one of the bondsmen went to the restroom and the other lost track of Saad, who fled into a nearby wooded area. Authorities spent three-and a-half hours looking for the man by air and on foot, before locating him in a ravine not far from Minden.

Officials say other than appearing to be a bit agitated, Saad — who was wearing street clothes, a belly chain and handcuffs — was taken into custody without incident. Saad was arrested in Utah, for skipping out on 25-thousand dollar bond. He’s now looking at additional jail time on the escape charge, but the bondsmen say his greatest fear is being deported back to Egypt.

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