There’s a holiday coming up in Iowa where you might not get the day off, but you could save some money. The Iowa Department of Revenue says the annual sales tax holiday is this Friday and Saturday, August 3rd and 4th.

Revenue Department spokesperson Renee Mulvey says this is the eighth year for the holiday that was passed by the legislature to give families a break on school clothes and give businesses a boost in August.

Mulvey says clothing and footwear considered appropriate for everyday wear such as shirts, pants, hats, socks, shoes, sandals, underwear, priced under 100 dollars will be exempt from taxes on those two days.

She says you don’t pay the five-percent state sales tax, or the local option tax. After eight years, Mulvey says the businesses seem to know all the merchandise that is and isn’t included.

Mulvey says they also know it doesn’t include Sunday, and if the businesses are open, they must participate if they sell qualified items. Mulvey says the savings add up. Mulvey says Iowans save two to three million dollars in taxes each year during the two-day tax holiday. For more information, go to the Iowa Department of Revenue website .

Audio: Radio Iowa’s Darwin Danielson reports. :40 MP3