A New Hampshire man, who’s in an eastern Iowa jail cell, is now facing a charge of "assault with bodily fluids" after a weekend altercation with deputies. Thirty-eight-year old Karl Anderson was first arrested on Saturday, after refusing to leave a room at the Big Ten Inn in Coralville.

Three police officers were injured in that conflict, when Anderson was able to get one of the officer’s batons. Major Steve Dolezal, with the Johnson County Sheriff’s office, says later that night, deputies attempted to strap Anderson to a holding chair after he began beating his head on jail cell bars.

"During the restraining incident, the inmate starting spitting on Deputy (Becky) Moses," Dolezal says, "and the saliva contained blood. Then the inmate stated that he was HIV positive." The sheriff’s department is investigating Anderson’s claim.

Deputy Moses, meanwhile, has taken some medical precautions and is back at work. Inmate assault with bodily fluids is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $7,500 fine.