A West Des Moines City Council member who was arrested for shoplifting is in trouble with the law again. West Des Moines Police arrested City Councilman Brad Olson in August on a fourth-degree theft charge after he allegedly went to a local pharmacy, picked up some prescription medication, took some, then put it in his pocket and failed to pay for it.

Olson said at the time he had just forgotten to pay for the drugs. Olson pleaded not guilty to that charge. The 47-year-old Olson then came under scrutiny as to whether he is still living the ward he represents on the council. He is required by law to live there, and the city asked him to produce proof of his residence, which he has apparently failed to do. A hearing has been set for September 26 to determine if his council seat is vacant.

Early this morning, West Des Moines Police arrested Olson at a local hotel on an outstanding warrant from Ankeny for possession of stolen property. The case involves a pickup truck taken from a dealership in Ankeny. Olson was booked at the Ankeny Police Department and then was released on bond.