Several thousand people are expected to be in Ames tomorrow for the annual football meeting between the Cyclones and the Hawkeyes. Jerry Stewart leads the Iowa State University police department, and says there’s a simple thing you can do to make the day easier. Stewart says "arrive early" is one of the tried and true tips that will ensure you get to the game by kickoff.

Stewart says another piece of advice is to not follow the pack. Stewart says they’ve discovered through the years for major concerts and ballgames, that the bulk of traffic tend to arrive from the south on I-35, exits off Highway 30 and enters the city off Elwood Drive. He says you may end up getting to the stadium faster by taking an alternative route, such as 13th Street off of I-35.

Stewart says they want fans to enjoy themselves, but not go overboard. He says the public lots will open at 6:30 in the morning, six hours before kickoff. Stewart says they allow a reasonable amount of tailgating, and then hope fans will go in and support the team of their choice.

There are some things you can’t take into the stadium:alcohol, artificial noise makers, beach balls, professional grade cameras, video cameras, food, beverages, coolers, strollers or weapons. Stewart’s worked the big game for years, and says overall the majority of fans have a good time.

"Fans are pretty well behaved," Stewart says,"the rivalry occasionally causes a heated a little heated argument from time-to-time, or some minor criminal mischief. But, by and large, at least if you’re an Iowan, someone walks away a winner." Kickoff in Ames is 12:37.