Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is hammering at rival Hillary Clinton over Iran. At issue is Clinton’s yes vote on a U.S. Senate resolution that labeled the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist threat.

Edwards says if he were still in the senate, he would have voted no. "My concern is that we have to learn really important lessons from the vote on Iraq and that is that George Bush is not to be trusted," Edwards says. "He’s been rattling the saber about Iran for some time now and I think if you give George Bush an inch, he’ll take a mile."

Clinton, meanwhile, told a crowd in Iowa on Sunday that she made clear back in February that President Bush lacks the authority to go to war in Iran.

Edwards campaigned in Corydon, Leon and Mount Ayr on Monday. Clinton campaigned here, too, and outlined some of her economic proposals during a speech in Cedar Rapids.

Clinton called for a repeal of some of the Bush-era tax cuts for wealthy Americans and for changes in the way American businesses are taxed.

"It is simply not right that as corporate profits have skyrocketed, the percentage of taxes paid by corporations has fallen," Clinton said. "We can fix that if we close the loopholes, end the unjustifiable tax breaks and stop subsidizing the movement of jobs to foreign tax havens."

Clinton will make appearances Tuesday in Webster City and Dakota City.