Thanksgiving’s still more than two weeks away, but snow is already in the forecast for parts of Iowa. The National Weather Service says 11 counties in northwest Iowa could see flurries fly Thursday, though no accumulation is expected.

National Weather Service meteorologist, Kyle Weisser, says the system will come out of North Dakota and spin quickly into southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, possibly bringing a mix of rain and snow on Thursday afternoon.

He says there’s a better chance of rain than snow but the temperatures are expected to be right on the edge to go either way. Winter doesn’t officially arrive until December 22nd so there are still about six weeks of fall left. Weisser was asked if the snow isn’t coming just a little early this year:

He says: "No, this is probably about right on schedule. Just a couple of days ago we had some flurries up here in Sioux Falls. Nothing accumulated. You could just see it blowing around in the road like dust, but we’re kinda’ waiting. This is about the time of year where we finally start getting cold enough to when these storm systems come through they start producing snow instead of rain."

Weisser says there are many factors coming into play and the potential storm system may just fizzle. He says there’s a chance there won’t even be any rainfall from this or maybe just light flurries. For updates, visit " ".