Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says he believes three things will make the United States a strong country — the ability to feed ourselves, fuel ourselves and fight for ourselves. Huckabee says it’s also important that we feel safe.

Huckabee says “You know I want to be the president that one day leads this country to a level of safety where my grandkids will laugh when I tell them we used to have to take or shoes off and put our toothpaste in little plastic bags just so we could get on an airplane and go somewhere in this country.”

 Huckabee spoke in Waterloo Thursday, and says food production is an important part of being a strong country. Huckabee says if we outsource our food production, whoever feeds us will control us, and that’s why we can’t afford to be fed by anyone but our “own folks”.

Jolene Tagtow of Waterloo said she liked what Huckabee has to say. She says she likes Dodd’s stance on illegal immigrants, making it tough for people to get employment until they have the proper documents, not impossible to legally have the lives they want to have.


Sam Pugh of Des Moines says he liked most of what he heard. Pugh says he asked a question about coal that he doesn’t think that Huckabee answered successfully. Huckabee visited a manufacturing plant in Cedar Falls and delivered a speech on education at the University of Northern Iowa.