Two men from Oklahoma were arrested this week in southeast Iowa for deer poaching. Tom Campbell, a conservation officer with the Iowa DNR, says officers had been following the bowhunters in Louisa and Muscatine Counties – and saw them shoot at antlered bucks.

Campbell says one of the men took a shot at, but missed hitting a buck on Saturday – while the other man killed an antlered buck on Monday. Both of the men had valid nonresident antlerless deering hunting licenses.

The man who killed the buck is identified as 38-year-old Timothy Nolan of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Nolan paid a $4,000 civil penalty for the deer. Nolan and 37-year-old Brent Webb were arrested on Tuesday, in Louisa County, as they were attempting to leave the state and return to Oklahoma.

Campbell says the DNR seized the eight-point antlered buck and more than $2,500 worth of bowhunting equipment.