Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has her daughter and her mother with her on the Iowa campaign trail this weekend.  The trio walked into a Des Moines deli on Saturday morning to order breakfast. Hillary Clinton’s 88-year-old mother was quickly escorted to a seat while the candidate and daughter Chelsea Clinton worked the crowd.

"I love your gingerbread pin. Did you make that?" Clinton asked one child standing just inside the entrance to greet her. "That is really neat looking." One woman assured the former First Daughter she didn’t need to spend much time campaigning in Iowa. "We are going to do everything we can for your mother," the woman told Chelsea.

"Oh, great," Chelsea responded.  "We are going to work as hard as we can," the woman continued. "So you go back to New York, you work and she’ll be in good shape."

Chelsea said in reply, "I’m sure she will be, but I’ll be back, too."  A few moments later, Chelsea and her mother chatted with young Caleb Noe and his mother, who was holding him. "Oh, Chelsea you’ve grown up. You’re so beautiful," Mrs. Noe said.  "Oh, thank you very much," Chelsea responded.

After 12 minutes of picture posing and chatting with voters, the Clintons placed their orders — omelets, although Chelsea opted for the more heart-healthy egg-whites-only version.

Kent Frank of Des Moines had no idea the campaign entourage would invade the place where he intended to eat breakfast, but he says Des Moines is a crowded place these days. "We were eating dinner at Azalea last night and Hillary and her mother came in as we were leaving," Frank says. "You can’t go anywhere without running into somebody."

Clinton, her daughter and her mother are due to campaign today in Winterset, Williamsburg and Washington, Iowa.


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