Former president Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, today in Ames. Clinton spoke largely without notes for nearly 45 minutes, and outlined why he would support Hillary for president.

Clinton says his wife “has the best combination of mind and heart and leadership ability, and compassion and feel for the human consequences of what people do in the presidency. The best ability to withstand the awful and sometimes conflicting pressures of the office, for this moment.” Clinton praised his wife’s positions on climate change and health care, and said Hillary Clinton has been an agent of change her entire life.

Clinton says his support is based on Hillary’s qualifications, and not because she is his wife. Clinton says, “I would be working in this campaign if Hillary and I had not been married for 32 years. Because I think she is the best suited person to be president who’s not an incumbent that I have had the chance to vote for in 40 years as a voter.”

Clinton described the work his wife did over the years in children’s advocacy, legal aid, education reform, and microfinance. He said Hillary Clinton has always inspired tremendous confidence and loyalty among those who know her best. Clinton spoke to more than 500 people crowded into Fisher Theatre on the Iowa State University campus.