Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson says he’s not content to finish third in Iowa’s Caucuses and he’s embarking a bus tour of the state that is set to begin tonight in Dubuque.

During an interview with Radio Iowa, Thompson laughed when he was asked whether the bus tour was a "getting to know you" exercise for himself and potential Iowa Caucus-goers. "That doesn’t make much of a campaign theme song, I tell you," Thompson said, then laughed.

Thompson suggested he’ll be talking with Iowans about his tax plans, his ideas on immigration and his vision for the nation’s defense. "You know it’s not a matter for me of new strategies, new plans, new approaches to things. I’ve been in public life ever since I was 30 years old and I was counsel on the Watergate Committee and I’ve been in the Senate. I’ve been the same person the whole time and that is a strong, consistent conservative guy who’s never been accused of flip-flopping depending on which office I happen to be running for," Thompson said.

Thompson went on to suggest he’s not concerned by the topsy-turvy nature of the Republican presidential race. "I am not willing to mold myself to the circumstances and I understand I’m not everybody’s cup of tea but what you see is what you get and I will be bringing home in a concise, forceful way these points to the people of Iowa and getting acquainted with the ones I don’t already know," he said.

Thompson’s making stops Tuesday in Manchester, Decorah, Waverly and Waterloo.