The American Cancer Society has some tips to help you stay cancer free in the new year. Chuck Reed of the Iowa chapter of the society, says many of the tips involve your daily health. Reed says the first tip is to make an appointment for your yearly physical so you can get a gauge on your overall health.


As for cancer prevention, you should pay attention to your body and any changes, such as a change in a mole. Ask your doctor about any changes. Reed says make appointments for preventative tests. He says if you’re a woman, get a mammograms, if you’re over 50, get your colon checked. Men get your prostate checked, women a screen for cervical cancer. Reed says there’s information on the website about improving your health through exercise.


Reed says there are some other choices you can make that are healthier. Reed says if you’re going out to eat, go to a smoke-free restaurant. He says the Cancer Society urges you to reward smoke-free restaurants by giving them your business.


Reed says many people put off the preventative screenings and tests — even though they can save your life. Reed says he doesn’t know if there will be a cure found for cancer in his lifetime, but he does know there have been great strides made in the prevention and early detection of cancer. Reed says if you can find cancer early, you can beat it, or you can take steps to prevent it altogether. Reed says other suggestions on the list are to talk with legislators about clean air laws and access to healthcare for everyone.